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“In my career this is one of the single best steps we have taken to improve the quality of our patient services.”

– Nancy Steiger
CEO, San Mateo Medical Center

Before, a person who is deaf would come into the Emergency room and they would have to wait an hour to two hours to get an outside interpreter to even start the process of “what’s going on, why are you here in the Emergency Room.” Now, they power up the [IVIN] system, and within minutes have that instant access. So it’s really providing equal access to care.

— Kris Balfanz-Vertiz
Sinai Health/IVIN

We looked at developing this in-house, but our IT and Telecommunications departments were backed up with other priority projects that put us out 18 months or more. We couldn’t wait that long. Instead, we went with a vendor to set up our system (we used Paras and Associates – they have been great), but we use our own in-house interpreters for our most commonly spoken languages. We love it.

— Kristina Sanchez, MBA
Senior Director, Ambulatory Business Operation
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

“I would like to make this (Mount Sinai) my hospital of choice. I really like this (IVIN). My hospital doesn’t have anything like this and I struggle to communicate with my doctors.”

— Patient, Sinai Health

“Speeds up the process. It allows the doctors to examine patients quicker instead of wasting time looking for an interpreter.”

– Clinician

“Telephone did not feel secure. I like to the see the interpreter to make sure they are saying what I am saying.”

– LEP Patient

“I love this interpretation project – we all love it!”

– Clinician

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