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Paras and Associates Interpreter Systems

ALVIN™ begins with a mobile video unit which is wheeled to the point of care.

  • The clinician pushes a button and initiates an interpreter request.

  • Requests are first routed to interpreters who are hired and housed at your hospital facility. Frequently requested languages are typically supported by full-time interpreters. Less frequently requested languages can be supported by trained multi-lingual hospital staff who have small video units installed at their desks.

  • If interpreters are not available at your facility, the request can be routed to a network which you can create with other hospitals in your healthcare system, or in local or regional networks.

  • If no interpreters are available on that network, the request moves to a commercial language interpreter provider.

  • Paras and Associates teams provide support for installation and maintenance of networks that will be providing video and audio language interpretation.

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