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how it works

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Paras and Associates Interpreter Systems is ALVIN - the All Language Video Interpreter Network.

ALVIN begins with a mobile video unit which is wheeled to the point of care. The clinician pushes a button and initiates an interpreter request.

Requests are first routed to interpreters who are hired and housed at your hospital facility. Frequently requested languages are typically supported by full-time interpreters. Less frequently requested languages can be supported by trained multi-lingual hospital staff who have small video units installed at their desks.

If interpreters are not available at your facility, the request can be routed to a network which you can create with other hospitals in your healthcare system, or in local or regional networks.

If no interpreters are available on that network, the request moves to a commercial language interpreter provider.


Increased Efficiency

Face-to-face interpreters spend much of their day moving from clinic to clinic, and waiting for appointments. ALVIN allows your interpreters to reach any clinic at any time without ever leaving their office. Our existing clients have reported that ALVIN has improved their interpreters' efficiency by over 400%.

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In addition to making the interpreters more efficient, ALVIN removes much of the overhead in your existing infrastructure. ALVIN automatically routes interpretation requests, so there is no need for a dispatcher. Services to test, support and train interpreters are also available through certified educational institutions, reducing the administration required to support a staff of interpreters.


Clinician Approval

In a recent study prepared for the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), clinicians reported satisfaction with ALVIN in several areas, including ease of use, quality of communication and timeliness of connection.

The near consensus of clinicians also agreed that ALVIN improved the quality of care.